M & L Construction, Inc.


*As proud members of the Pacific Northwest community since 1972 we contribute to AGC, NUCA, and 811 Dig Safe. NUCA lobbied in WA DC for the infrastructure bill, M&L sent two representatives as a voice on this topic.

*We support Dozer Day, where kids get to drive equipment! This hands on event promotes the trades with the next generation.

*Ray Hattenburg is on the board of directors of the ALS foundation, No White Flags, Steve Gleason Foundation.

M&L is committed to keeping our employees and the community safe.

The majority of our employees have been through competent person training, Trench Safety,CPR, Flagging class, OSHA 10.

We offer other safety courses for our employees such as “Confined Space Training” and “Dig Safe”

M&L strives to uphold our belief system of “Honesty, Integrity, Trust” building MLKG or M&L Kinda Guy